What can be more satisfying than moving into somewhere that is pristine, clean and brand new? Everything works as it should, and there’s no need to be rushing round with a paintbrush making good the walls where the previous owners’ furniture was. You even get that new home ‘smell’ and you’re presented with a blank canvas ready to transform into your very own. All that is initially required is to unpack!

Once you’ve settled in though, you may feel that you want to put your own stamp on your new property. So, where do you start? Here, we’ve provided a few tips to help you get the most out of your new home.


Introduce a splash of colour!

Whilst freshly painted white walls make a room feel nice and bright, it can certainly add some interest if you add a feature wall. Behind the television in your living space is always a good place to start; you can consider choosing either wallpaper or a splash of paint to do the job! Trending at the moment is classic blue, which is officially Pantone’s interior colour of the year 2020, and this shade can help create a sense of tranquillity to your environment. But if you don’t want to opt for something too dramatic or bold, choosing a shade of grey can work almost anywhere, as can a subtle wallpaper. Keep your feature wall simple by not adding any shelves or pictures – let it speak for itself!


Furnish with colour and textures

Choose sumptuous textures such as wool and velvet to make your home feel more ‘homely.’ Wool rugs and cushions can really transform a room and make it feel really cosy – a place where you really want to spend time. In bedrooms, throws and cushions can transform the space in an instant; we love scrawling through Pinterest for inspiration! The ‘home’ section in our local supermarkets are often a good place to start; here you can pick out some key accessories without having to break the bank!


Use mirrors to your advantage.

Using large mirrors can add space and brightness to any room of the house; it can be a really easy win. Strategically placing them opposite a window can help you achieve this and helps to increase the amount of natural light cast into a room. A large mirror opposite bifold or French doors can work really well, especially if they face into the garden as they’ll elongate the room and help blend the outside with your inside space.

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