At Holroyd Homes, we really do love a good bit of outdoor space. We recognise that a garden can really transform family living and careful thought goes into designing each of our homes to make the most of its outdoor space.

We like to incorporate natural elements into outdoor spaces, and some of these features include sandstone rockeries, natural stone paving/flagged areas and turfed lawns. We also plant beautiful shrubs and trees in all our gardens which, as well as helping the environment, instantly helps to make the garden seem more homely.

Gardens can be as low or high maintenance as you wish to make them, but if you wanted to put your own stamp on your outdoor space, we’ve a few useful ideas on how you can personalise your outdoor space.

Where to begin

It can seem like a daunting process once you start by looking at your garden as a whole, but you don’t need to tackle it all at once.

Make a plan and prioritise what is most important to you in the design. Scrolling through magazines, websites and Pinterest can be a good place to start gathering inspiration and ideas.

Brighten up your space

Plants can be an easy way to add instant colour to your outdoor space. Do give it lots of thought before selecting as, whilst some are robust and hardy, others may need a lot of looking after.

Perennial plants can not only add colour to your garden as late as November, but also attract wildlife such as bees and butterflies too. They are normally easy to grow and can be planted almost anywhere such as fillers between shrubs, in containers or borders. They return each year so can save you time and money in the long run. Salvia, Geraniums, Rudbeckia, Lavender, Dianthus and Phlox are some of our personal favourites. Assess how much direct sunlight and shaded aspects there are within your outdoor space as this may determine where best to place the plant when you come to referring to the plant’s care instructions.

Although most bedding plants may be annual, they are a great way to add fast-growing, colourful displays. They can instantly add colour and are great for hanging baskets, beds and containers. Beware that having too many pots can be time consuming to look after as they need a lot of watering and dead-heading.

The Mistal, Broad Lane Farm


Transform a fence

Painting or cladding a fence with trellis can make a fence more appealing. Black paint is often the go-to colour for garden designers as the depth of colour helps to provide a striking backdrop for greenery and colourful plants. Alternatively, trellis panels are great for encouraging climbers to thrive which will add a bit of interest and colour. Clematis is a good example of a climber that is easy to grow and is tolerant of many soil types and conditions, though it does need annual pruning.  It’s always a good idea to check with your neighbours first before doing any work if you share a fence.

Create a cosy outdoors

As extensions of our homes, our outdoor spaces are becoming ‘rooms’ – now more so than ever! You can make your garden feel cosy by investing in an outdoor rug, adding some garden lanterns and outdoor cushions.

Other finishing touches may include fire-pits, chimeneas, patio heaters and barbeques, though it’s useful to consider how you plan to store/protect these items over winter.

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