Summer 2019 at Broad Lane Farm

It’s full steam ahead towards welcoming our first residents in mid-September! Since the last update, much has changed and progressed. Plots 1 to 6 are all built and at different

Spring Has Sprung!

Now that the worst of winter is behind us, things are moving forward quickly at Broad Lane Farm and we are looking forward to opening the show home and welcoming

Location, Location, Location

We all know the importance of location when it comes to buying a house. It’s one of the few aspects of a property that you just can’t change! That’s why

Customising Your Home

Welcome to our latest news. We thought it would be useful to give you some information about how you can customise your home. Whether you are one of the lucky

Broad Lane Farm – Start on Site

We’re delighted to say we’ve made a start on site on our exciting new project at Broad Lane Farm! The diggers have arrived and are currently leveling the site and