Sustainability and nature-inspired interiors are just some of the trends named for 2022 and here we‘ve compiled some of the biggest interior design trends for this year!


Gorgeous greens

After an unpredictable and unsettling couple of years, one of the biggest themes in house design ideas is to create a serene and restful space and an affinity to nature. Utilising tones of green in the home play well into the over-arching trend for biophilic design; greens have a strong association with nature and help to create a connection to the great outdoors.

Muted shades such as sage have been popular for quite some time now, but brighter, bolder hues are taking centre stage this year. Pairing shades of green with houseplants, woven and raffia fittings are a winning combination and again give a nod to the natural surrounding environment.

Slatted designs

This was a reigning trend last year but is also continuing to dominate this year. Statement headboards and wall panelling are great for creating real wow features and can also help to zone your space and shift the sense of proportion within your room.

Statement lighting

Though lighting can sometimes be an afterthought, good lighting is imperative in creating the desired ambience and should ideally be changeable to allow for different purposes such as work light or relaxing light.

There are lots of statement light fittings that will allow you to achieve this. Large, dramatic pendant pieces and statement table and floor lamps are centre stage this year and can add immediate interest and focus to any room in the house.

Multi-functional spaces

Multi-functional spaces and dual-purpose rooms continue to be the new norm moving forwards. Following the pandemic, people are continuing to spend more time in their home and therefore demand more from their space, so guest bedrooms doubling up as home gyms and libraries in the dining space aren’t uncommon.

Going hand-in-hand with this theme is…

Bringing the outdoors in

Having another ‘room’ to relax and entertain is a valuable addition to any home and more people are going to be enhancing their outdoor living spaces to make the most out of them. Stylish outdoor furniture and intentionally-designed outdoor living spaces are a theme for this year.

Sustainable choices

One of the biggest home and garden trends of 2022, sustainability pertains to all aspects of everyday living. People are increasingly more conscious about how environmentally friendly their purchases are and sustainable choices such as repurposing old furniture, shopping locally and purchasing recycled pieces are all little things that help to make a difference.

Furthermore, gardening is an enjoyable way to help protect he planet. Growing your own food and planting to attract pollinators are easy ways to preserve and protect nature as well as being a relaxing outdoor hobby.

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