The homes at Fold Farm are in a fantastic setting and are perfectly located to explore the beautiful surrounding countryside with so many lovely walks right from the doorstep. Here we’ve shared an easy circular walk suitable for all the family that includes a visit to Hinchliffe’s Farm shop – perfect for a weekend brunch stop!

Starting point:

Fold Farm, off Netherton Fold


2.5 miles


From Fold Farm, walk a very short distance down in the direction of Lea Lane, branching off left onto Corn Bank. Ascend all the way to the top of the steep road and the road will start to flatten out. Continue on, walking through the hamlet of houses until you see the road sign ‘Hill Top Bank’ in front of you. The track you see on the left is the one you’ll be walking back on, but for now branch off and take the tarmacked track in front of you (ensuring that you don’t continue following the road round to the right!)

Take the tarmac track straight ahead

This wide tarmacked track descends gradually. The views to your right are of the beautiful Magdale Valley and are impressive even on a dreary day!


Continue downhill and you’ll come to a white house on your left with a wooden gate straight ahead of you. Carry on your walk through the gate to access the woodland in front of you. Continue this well-trodden footpath through the woods and, after a short time, you’ll notice a dry-stone wall on your right. The footpath runs parallel to the wall for a short section, but eventually starts to curve to the left.


Take this left turn, marked by the wooden post

Follow the path as it starts to climb gradually uphill for a short time before flattening off again. Continue onwards through the woodland following the well-marked path ahead of you.

Your next landmark (which could be easy to miss if you’re not on the lookout!) is a wooden post which marks the junction of a footpath on the left (see photo).

Take a left onto this footpath; this quickly gives way to a drystone wall on your right. The footpath becomes quite steep but thankfully this is only for a short section! You’ll eventually pass a fence on your left and the path then becomes walled on both  sides. This walled path flattens out and brings you onto Netherton Moor Road. Turn left when the path meets the road and, after walking for a short while, you’ll see Hinchliffe’s Farm Shop and The Rusty Bull on your left.



This is a perfect stop to have a cuppa and a bite to eat before you set off to complete our circular walk. Once fuelled up, you’re ready to begin your journey back!

From Hinchliffe’s, turn right onto Netherton Moor Road and continue for a short time until you see a footpath on your right at the bend on Netherton Moor Road. Go through the metal kissing gate  where initially there are houses either side of you with a fence on your left and a drystone wall to the right.

Continue on beyond the houses where the footpath will, once more, open up into woodland. As you continue, stick with the main path ahead of you which is positioned fairly central within the woods. You’ll notice a few different paths to both sides of you, but if you continue straight on you can’t really go wrong!

As you continue through the open woodland, look out for your next landmark which is a drystone wall on your right-hand side. Continue on ahead and eventually the path starts to get narrower and more defined. Follow this path with the drystone wall on your right and a steeper banking on your left.

On a clear day, you’ll see views of Castle Hill to your right and on the left, through the trees, you’ll see Healy House bend and Meltham in the distance. The path eventually leads back to Corn Bank; continue walking straight on to follow the road downhill to bring you back to the starting point of the walk.

The Fold Farm development seen from Corn Bank, taken January 2022
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