Let us introduce you to two of our invaluable Groundworkers, Richard Hardy and Dave Hartley! If you were to ever visit a Holroyd Homes site, you’d notice that where you’d find one is generally where you’d find the other and so it only felt right to ask them to complete this Q&A as a duo!


How long have you worked at Holroyd Homes?

Richard: I’ve worked here for 3 years, and Dave is coming up to 2 years.

Dave: But we’ve actually worked together on and off over the last 15 years doing other new build groundworks as well as on the roads doing tarmacking jobs.

Dave Hartley, Groundworker

What does a typical day on site involve for you both?

Richard: There’s variation each day and it depends on what stage of the build we are up to, but the day always begins with pre-operation checks on the machines to ensure they’re safe to use. We both operate the excavators on site including the larger ones which is a fun part of the job!

Dave: At the moment we’re on with digging out the trenches for the drains and you could say the pair of us are like a well-oiled machine and have our own roles. One of us will be referring to the plans and marking out whilst the other does the digging down. Funnily enough with groundwork, once it’s all backfilled there’s really not much to show for the hard days’ work!

Richard: We do get to showcase our work though later in the build when it comes to things like making rockeries and the external flagging for the new homes.

Richard Hardy, Groundworker

Why should someone buy a ‘Holroyd Home?’

Richard: It’s the attention to detail – a lot of thought and effort goes into each home. It’s always the case that the team will do what’s best rather than take the easiest option.

Dave: They look brilliant on the inside too and quality fixtures and fittings finish them off just nicely.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Richard: When I win the lottery I’ll be sat with my feet up on a beach in the Caribbean!

Dave: I don’t think I’ll ever want to retire so I’ll still be working with the team!

What do you both do with your spare time?

Dave: I have four grandchildren, so I spend my time watching them play football and cricket on weekends.

Richard: I coach rugby to the under 10’s and this tends to fill my weekends.

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