Whether you’re purchasing a home from us at Fold Farm or simply thinking of updating your current bathroom, when it comes to choosing bathroom products and tiles there are lots of decisions to think about. Colour schemes, layouts and functionality are just a handful of things to contend with.

So, we asked Rob, contracts manager at Easy Bathrooms, to provide some insight into some of 2021’s bathroom tile trends to help you out…


At Easy Bathrooms, we love nothing more than spending our time helping customers decide what tiles and products to choose. Tiles can totally change the mood, style, and personality of a room. Loud, geometric tiles can add a depth of colour and attitude to a home, while grey ceramic tiles can create a sleek, stylish feel.

Here’s a few things to consider when it comes to choosing bathroom tiles for your new home at Fold Farm, or simply if you’re thinking of updating your current bathroom.

1. Simplicity

When it comes to a new build home, we find that most people want their bathroom to be a haven, and for this, simplicity is key.

Far from boring, this look can be super luxurious and calming. We like to choose tiles that can be fitted on the walls and floor, creating a sleek, elegant finish.

The Stove Fume tiles are a perfect choice for this pared back look. Featuring a light marbling effect and with a natural smooth finish, they are perfect in a modern bathroom setting.

Another great selection is the Monarch tiles – one of our most popular ever styles – which come in a number of calming colours.

If you like the idea of an elegant bathroom but want to add a splash of interest, the Stallo Perla set of tiles is perfect, allowing you to add one feature wall in a patterned, textured tile – which particularly pops when used to frame the shower.

2. Wood effect tiles

Providing durability and authenticity — with some panels even offering a textured grain — the wood-effect tile is a favourite among self-renovators, designers and fitters alike. This can be attributed to its ability to suit any room of the house, alongside any style or design. A rustic kitchen, a shabby chic bathroom or a contemporary living room wouldn’t look amiss with this versatile product.

Wood-effect tiles are available in everything from brick-size to authentic planks, and a growing trend is chevron and square patterned pieces.

For example, the Cello wood-effect tiles have a unique pattern, creating feature flooring. These stylish square tiles feature a light and natural shade that will work in many rooms of the home. With rectified edges, grout lines are reduced for a clean finish.

The Redding Chevron tiles are incredibly popular, seen in the bathrooms of many ‘Instagram-worthy’ homes. If you’re the kind of person who likes to stand out from the crowd, then these tiles are for you. Their chic look can add another dimension to an otherwise plain or characterless room.

3. Marble

Last, but certainly not least, is this opulent trend that’s taking its inspiration from some of the world’s most famous buildings.

While real marble can be eye-wateringly expensive, lookalike tiles are much more affordable. We love this trend in neutral colours — white, grey and black – but we’re also fond of the Fabulosa tile, which has yellowy/gold veining, creating a real pop of colour.

Here’s a collection of some beautiful marble tile ideas:



We love Rob’s style, so rest assured you can find all of the tiles he has recommended in our tile choices selection for our lucky Fold Farm purchasers!

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