Meet John Hay! He’s a hugely talented joiner who’s worked with our team over the last 4 years. Here, he talks about his typical working day and what he’s most looking forward to with Phase 2 of Broad Lane Farm.


John Hay, Joiner

Talk us through what a typical day is like for you on site

It tends to be an early start before 7am and first thing involves some teamwork alongside the site manager to deal with the practicalities of delivery wagons arriving on site and sorting for the day ahead.

Day to day my joinery role depends on the stage that the build is at. It may involve some first fix work which is the joinery that needs completing pre-plastering such as fitting the roof trusses, partitions for the walls and casings for the doors. Once the properties are plastered, I can fit things like balustrades, skirting boards and the architraves. Finally the finishing touches can be done once the decorators have done their job, so things such as fitting the glass balustrades and the ironmongery to the doors can be completed.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy working as part of the team alongside the different trades. Each day is different on site, and you’re faced with new challenges each day. I like the variety of the job, and the fact that things are always progressing and moving forwards.


Why should someone buy a ‘Holroyd Home?’

The homes have been built with passion and integrity. It’s clear that everyone on site who’s working on them cares about the houses and it helps that we’re only a small team. I think the dynamic we have on site translates into the build and it’s great that the new-builds possess a lot of character.


What are you looking forward to most with Phase 2 (The Cottages) of Broad Lane Farm?

Right from the start of working on Broad Lane Farm, I’ve been looking forward to starting work on the old farmhouses. I’ve really enjoyed working on the new-build houses (plots 1-10) and it’s been really satisfying seeing what we’ve created from scratch. I’m now looking forward to working on some of the more traditional aspects that you find with Grade II listed cottages and helping to sympathetically restoring them whilst being sensitive to the original design and profile. That type of craft appeals to me the most. These homes will be a bit more niche, and I think will have a lot of depth of character.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

This is a difficult question to answer during a pandemic! Normally I’d spend social time with my friends and do things like go to the cinema. I also enjoy going to see live bands.

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