It’s full steam ahead towards welcoming our first residents in mid-September!

Since the last update, much has changed and progressed. Plots 1 to 6 are all built and at different stages of being fitted out internally. Plots 2, 3 and 6 are finished, with Plots 1, 4 and 5 following closely.

The main thrust now is to finish the external landscaping works, with driveways, paths, patios, lawns and rockeries being created. It’s lovely to see finishing touches like turf and paving stones going down, which instantly turn a house from a building site into a home!

The new road has taken shape which means you can really visualise how the street is going to look and signals the end of the mud we had through winter!

A major milestone was reached earlier this month when the installation of our water attenuation tank was completed – basically a large underground reservoir which stores rainwater when it rains heavily and allows it to flow out slowly to avoid flooding. You may have noticed the huge crane which loomed over Upperthong for a week, lifting the giant concrete sections into place.

Plots 7 to 10

Through August you’ll see real progress on the first stage of construction of these houses. Further excavations are underway now, with foundations to follow. Once the builders have finished the external finishing touches on Plots 1 to 6, they will all move onto Plots 7 to 10 and you’ll see houses starting to come out of the ground soon.

Plot 6 Available

Due to a change in the previous purchaser’s circumstances, Plot 6 is now available again. This house is finished, other than some external finishing touches. So, if you’d like to come and look around it and take in the amazing views, please give our agents WM Sykes a call on 01484 683 543 and register your interest.

See below for some recent photos!


Living Room View
Living Room
Kitchen Diner covered with protection
Kitchen Diner covered with protection
Rear Garden
Plot 1 during construction
Plots 2, 3 and 4
Digging out for Plots 7 and 8
Looking up the street from Plot 6
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