Now that the worst of winter is behind us, things are moving forward quickly at Broad Lane Farm and we are looking forward to opening the show home and welcoming the first residents at the end of this summer.

Since the last update, things have moved forward at a pace! The weather has played its part as normal, with a glorious spell in February, followed by horrible wet weather in early March and now back to good dry weather again for the last couple of weeks. The guys on site can deal with cold temperatures, but there’s simply some things that can’t progress when it’s wet, otherwise you’ll see stone and blocks floating off down Broad Lane! The wet weather has pushed some aspects back a few weeks, but then we are making back time in other areas, so it’s all roughly on track.

Plots 1 to 6

Plots 1 to 6 are all at some stage of construction, so the top half of the development looks well underway. Plots 2 and 3 are wind and water tight, so if you stop by you can see the beautiful heritage style stone and stylish windows and doors in all their glory. The internal fit out of those plots is also well advanced, with internal walls, staircases and plumbing and electrics (1st fix) fitted, with plasterers starting next week.

Plot 3 will be the show home, ready to view in early June. If you’ve already reserved your house, you’ll be invited to come see the show home and make your choices from the various samples in terms of carpet, tiles, kitchen colours etc. If you haven’t yet reserved a home, you are welcome to make an appointment through WM Sykes to come look around the site and see the houses as they currently stand. I think it’s fair to say we have all been blown away by the view of the upper Holme Valley you get from the 1st and 2nd floors, now that you can stand in the kitchen or master bedroom of Plot 3 and really take it in.

Plots 1, 4, 5 and 6 are all being built. Plots 5 and 6 will be up to roof height in the next week, then just add a roof, doors and windows and they’ll be ready to be fitted out internally. Plot 4 is going up quick; it’s at 1st floor level now, so another few weeks to roof height. Plot 1 is out of the ground now and will go up very quickly after the builders finish on Plots 5 and 6 (in about a week). Plot 1 will go up very quickly; it’s 2 storey and will have a full team of builders working on it, whereas previously the builders have been working on 2 plots at a time.

Plots 7 to 10

Groundworks are well underway to clear out space for the houses and pour foundations. As teams of builders finish Plots 1 to 6, they’ll move onto getting Plots 7 to 10 out of the ground.

Update on sales and availability 

We always knew Upperthong was a popular place to live and reservations are certainly proving that to be true. Of the 10 plots released, 7 are now reserved, leaving just 3 available (Plots 2, 5 and 6). Beyond the location, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with regard to the heritage style stone used and the quality of the internal spec and room sizes. We’re delighted that people are excited about their new home taking shape and we are really looking forward to seeing people move in and turning them from a house into a home.

See below for some recent photos!


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